To root out fraud, Trumpers plan to record voters

A new group formed by former Trump campaign aides plans to take video cameras into polling places and pore over voting records to root out fraud.

Numerous experts and studies have made clear that the amount of such fraud is minuscule.

The New York Times first reported Thursday on the formation of the group, known as Look Ahead America.

Look Ahead America says it will aim primarily to register and mobilize “disaffected” conservatives. But the group says a secondary aim is to help crack down on illegal voting.

“Where allowed by law, we will deploy poll watchers with audio-visual equipment to observe election operations to deter and document illegal voting,” it says on its website.

The site adds that the group will use “data forensics” to find illegal votes, such as those cast by non-citizens or in the names of dead people. “As warranted, we will shed a spotlight on any anomalies and, where necessary, provide litigation support.”

The group is founded by Matt Braynard and Witold Charabaszcz, both of whom worked for the Trump campaign’s data operation, though Braynard left in March 2016. It plans to run a pilot project this fall in Virginia, which hosts races for governor and the state legislature.

The White House voting commission also has signaled that it plans to try to ferret out illegal voting. One well-regarded study found just 31 credible incidents of in-person voter impersonation out of one billion ballots cast.

Other conservative groups have tried to conduct poll-watching activities, with little to show for their efforts. One group, the Tea Party-linked True the Vote, was formed to send volunteers to watch the polls, but since has shifted its activities toward pushing states to purge their voter rolls. And Donald Trump last year called on supporters to monitor the polls for illegal activity on Election Day, but there was little evidence that many did so.



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