Isn’t it ironic? Ex-GOP party chair charged with voter fraud

OK, this is amazing…
Steven Curtis, the former head of the Colorado Republican Party, has been charged with voter fraud for allegedly forging his ex-wife’s mail-in ballot, Denver Fox affiliate KDVR reports
It gets better, though. Here’s what Curtis said last year on the radio talk show he now hosts:

Correct me if I’m wrong here, but virtually every case of voter fraud I can remember in my lifetime was committed by Democrats.

The Colorado Secretary of State’s office has said Curtis’s case is the only voter fraud case from last year’s election that led to charges. 
Contacted by The Daily Democracy, Chris Gregory, a lawyer for Curtis, declined to comment.

Not surprisingly, the ex-wife, Kelly Curtis, wasn’t happy about what happened.
“It was demeaning and presumptuous, and I had no idea what would go on in someone’s mind to cast my ballot for me illegally, actually to go to all the trouble to forge my ballot” she told KDVR.
Kelly Curtis added that she had left her husband nine months into the marriage. “I didn’t feel it was an equal partnership. I’ll just leave it at that,” she said. 
It’s not clear if the two were married at the time of the alleged fraud.
There are actually a couple serious points here, (you knew this was coming). 
First, the phenomenon of conservative men attempting to control the votes and political decisions of their wives does actually seem to be a thing. And last year’s election appears to have brought it to the surface. 
Second, supporters of voter ID laws say they’re needed to prevent fraud. But the only kind of fraud they might conceivably stop is in-person voter impersonation, which almost never happens. Much more common, though still pretty rare, is what Curtis is charged with committing: fraud involving absentee or mail-in ballots. That’s for the simple reason that it’s much easier to pull off. 
But voter ID backers have shown little interest in stopping this form of fraud. Wonder why.

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